Base for roll-down shutter switch, electrically separated, 10 AX/250 Vac, screw terminals

Mechanism for a switch to control your roller blinds, with screw fixing. This roll-down shutter switch is electrically separated. A finishing set and faceplate in the colour of your choice must be ordered separately.

This switch is used for controlling the motors of roll-down shutters, garage ports, venetian blinds and awnings via a bistable control (selection rotary direction-START-STOP).

Select the rotary direction on the right-hand key and subsequently press ‘START’ to activate the motor. No need to stay near the switch while the motor is running to the end-run position.

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To change the rotary direction, first press ‘STOP’ at the top of the left-hand key, then select the new rotary direction on the right-hand key and subsequently press ‘START’ at the bottom of the left-hand key. This control is suitable for motors whose rotary direction is not to be changed frequently, and that does not require you to wait until the motor has reached its end-run position. This type of switch allows the motor capacitors to discharge, avoiding the end-run switches to stick.

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  • Function: motor control
  • Maximum MCB rating: 16 A (limited by national installation rules)
  • Protection degree: IP41 for the combination of a mechanism, central plate and faceplate
  • Impact resistance: The combination of a mechanism, a central plate and a faceplate has an impact-resistance of IK06
  • Material base
    • ureumformaldehyde (UF) with high heat resistance
    • white RAL9010 (approximately)
  • Flush-mounting frame
    • 1 mm-thick metal
    • galvanized on all sides after cutting, even on the cut edges
    • with 4 grooves with screw hole of 7 mm
    • with 4 screw holes (indicated by a screw symbol) with a diameter of 3 mm for mounting on panels
  • Fixing method
    • with screws for simple fixing in a flush-mounting box with grip surfaces
  • Centre-to-centre distance
    • Simple and quick assembly of one or more mechanisms by the indication (chalk line, laser, etc.) of the centre of the flush-mounting frame
    • vertical coupling centre-to-centre distance 60 mm by sliding several bases into each other, they lock themselves automatically
    • vertical coupling centre-to-centre distance 71 mm using pre-formed lips at the bottom, by folding the lips downwards over a length of 1 mm, the bases support each other and the centre-to-centre distance is guaranteed.
    • horizontal connection of multiple bases is quick and perfect thanks to the folded-up dovetails on the left and right sides
    • extra robustness due to the folded-up edges on the outside of the base and the continuation into the inside of the base
  • End border: 4 rectangular openings (7 x 2.5 mm) which, if the flush-mounting box protrudes from the plasterwork, can compensate for a margin of between 1 and 1.2 mm, so that the faceplate can still butt up perfectly against the wall
  • Wire connection
    • the sockets are fitted with cage clamps with permanent screws with combination screwheads (Pz1 or slot 1 x 5 mm)
    • every screw is provided with a screwdriver slot that prevents the screwdriver from sliding off the screwhead.
  • Wire capacity
    • up to 2 x 2.5 mm² wire per terminal
  • Stripping length
    • 8 mm stripping length
    • indelibly indicated at the rear side: stripping length and wiring diagram
    • indelibly indicated at the front side: terminals and switch symbol
  • Ambient temperature: -5 – +40 °C
  • Certification marks: CEBEC, NF
  • Marking: CE


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