Double dimming control with LEDs

The double dimming control includes two groups of three action buttons. They allow the resident to brighten or dim two light points or two groups of light points. The dimming control is equipped with amber indication LEDs to indicate the status of the action. You mount the push button to the wall-mounted printed circuit board via a click mechanism.

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  • Function: Push buttons for dimming are available in a single-row (three control buttons) or double-row (six control buttons) configuration. They allow the resident to operate one or two light points respectively, or groups of light points, via the Niko Home Control installation.

The specific control buttons on each push button are arranged in groups of three.

To mount the push button, press the unit onto a Niko Home Control wall-mounted printed circuit board until it clicks into place. The functions of the control buttons can be assigned while programming the installation by linking each function to the unique address of each control button during the addressing phase. This information is then stored in the controller.

  • Material central plate: The central plate is made of rigid PC and ASA. The base material is coloured in mass.
  • Print: Arrows printed on the top and bottom keys show whether you are dimming up or down On the middle key(s) a lamp is printed indicating the favourite button. If you press this key the lighting automatically goes to the set dim level.
  • Lens: The upper and lower keys are fitted at the bottom with a small amber-coloured indication LED (1.5 x 1.5 mm) to indicate the status of the action. Using the programming software, you can program the LEDs to light up when the output is either activated or deactivated .
  • Fire safety
    • the plastic parts of the central plate are self-extinguishing (comply with a filament test of 650 °C)
    • the plastic parts of the central plate are halogen-free
  • Input voltage: 26 Vdc (SELV, safety extra-low voltage)
  • Dismantling: To dismount simply pull the central plate off the base.
  • Impact resistance: After mounting, an impact-resistance of IK06 is guaranteed.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 44.5 x 44.5 x 8.6 mm
  • Marking: CE

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